Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to School, Back to School

Tuesday(September 6th) was the start of the semester for most college students.  This fall I went back to school, but as an instructor and not a student.  I have been hired by a local college to teach français 101.  In typical high school fashion, I went out and bought new notebooks and pens and fretted what I would wear for the first day back.  I did not worry about my lesson plan or syllabus (things I easily accomplished), but rather, what outfit would be the perfect combination of business and pleasure.  I wanted to be myself, fashionable, comfortable and professional.  I didn't want to be the classic Schoolmarm and have all my students laugh at me.  Well, once the outfit was set in place I was excited!  I started class with an introduction about myself.  Who I am, why I love French, where I studied, what I'm doing now, etc..  Then I asked the students to introduce themselves to each other, talk about their majors, their goals, and why they chose to take français 101.  I discussed my grading policies and what I hoped they would get out of the semester.  I also, promised that they would have homework every night and to expect class to run until 6:50pm, when according to the college, that class period ended.  Oh yes, I am "that teacher".  After presenting the logistics of class the real fun began.  I started with les salutations- Bonjour, Salut, Comment allez-vous, comment vous appelez-vous?  In all stages of learning a foreign language it is important to practice hearing and speaking, so a large part of class time was spent in short conversations with students and practicing the very new and strange sounds of French.  It is true there are sounds made in the pronunciation that seem to come out of nowhere and letters that seem to have been ignored all together.  Oh how strange and wonderful!  I would say that overall class ran very smoothly and no one seemed too miserable or lost.  yayayayayaya!-  a quick celebration of that fact.

After class I visited my mother and in typical mother fashion she may have been more excited for me than I was.

Following are a few photos my mother took during my visit.  

This is a Hat I knit last year around Thanksgiving.  I desperately needed a RED hat. 

 My notebook even had a description leaf with French!  
My pencil pouch is made from 100% recycled paper, you can still see writing all over.
Here is a part of my first lesson plan.

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