Friday, September 23, 2011

The Glorious Week of GFSC

The last four days have been an absolute blur.  Last night was the Girlnetic Fitness Social Club launch party, an event that has been in the works since March and marks a huge moment in the life of GFSC.  I am shockingly at a loss of words for how proud, delighted and excited I am with the success and interest in GFSC.  It was such a fantastic evening.  With over 60 people in attendance, delicious drinks, insane raffle prizes and a flashmob to boot, the night was beyond what I could have hoped for.  The party was hosted at Taste, located at 30 South Pearl Street, in Albany.  It provided the perfect setting, large enough to move around in and cozy enough to feel as though you were a part of the group.  The last few days consisted of double and triple checking large and small details, guest list, booking GFSC member events for October, collecting raffle prizes, and then the most important aspects of all, my outfit, hair and makeup decisions... my dress, which could not have been a better combination of sexy, flirty and bold, was graciously provided by SOME GIRLS BOUTIQUE in Troy, my makeup, which made me feel sexier than ever, was done by Christina at Origins in Colonie Center and my hair was its natural curly self pulled ever so delicately to the side.   

Following is a selection of photos from the party.
(For more photos, click this link)
GFSC LAUNCH PARTY- Photos by Harrry Young

The Three.  Jonaliza-center- the Creator of GFSC and Karli-right- founder of GFSC Volley Ball.

GFSC Nails!  Pink and Purple!!
With my beautiful mother.
 My biggest supporters.
My big sister Rach and my mother Jan.

Group photo with my fellow Flash Mob-ers, cracking up!

 Three of my best friends from youth and biggest GFSC supporters.  
Jenna (early morning Yogi), Allie, and Julia (director of GFSC-Boston).

Here is a "quick" overview of the days leading up to the party:

Tuesday- Was a wonderful mix of business, pleasure and multitasking.  I teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and thus spent my morning creating my evening's lesson plan.  Lis(my roommate and good friend) had the day off and thought that the drizzly weather called for none other than Mary Poppins.  While writing my lesson plan, sending emails every five minutes- in regards to the party, invites, member events, planning our flash mob, I sang along to M.P. and ate a "spoonful of Nutella"-I didn't want sugar... so I just altered the lyric a tad... and maybe I had more than A spoonful, but really, who's counting?!  For class on Tuesday I returned the students' quizzes, did our first official story dictation, which is when I read a story and they write word for word what I have read, and then I taught the "negative" in present tense.  Class flew by!  When class was over, I left Hudson immediately in order to make it to flashmob rehearsal on time.  We all wanted to review the dance before performing it, the last time we got together was in July.  Practice was a blast, as always. 

Here is what I wore on Tuesday.  I most certainly do "J'adore Some Girls"

Wednesday- My morning started at 530 am. I forgot just how stunning the early morning is.  It was misting and foggy and there was not a soul to be seen on the streets.  Jenna (one of my best friends from Youth) and I decided that our lives were in desperate need of some hot yoga.  The only class that could fit both of our busy schedules was the 630 am class.  So, in high school fashion, I was up before the sun, ate a poptart and daydreamed while I waited for my best friend to pick me up.  Class was amazing!  Eilen focused on hips and hamstrings- boy did I need it.  It set the tone for my day, nothing has been able to take the smile from my lips since.  At 845 am, Harry and I met for a 5 mile run.  Since Sunday, my running is back where it was in June- delightful and easy.  Sadly, at mile 5 it was time to move on to my next task.  V rolled in something ver ver YUCKY Tuesday night and it was impossible to sit next to him without gagging, so to the groomers he went.  Now I am all for shopping and buying locally, but I do love Petsmart's grooming department.  He seems to get along with the groomers and never comes home with a bad report.  He does however always turn in to way more of a momma's boy.  When we first arrived at Petsmart today he was so excited... then when Dawn- the groomer took his leash, he freaked.  Before I had the pleasure of having him in my life, he was horrifically abused.  Now, at any moment he thinks I am leaving him behind, he says "moooooom, mooooom, waaaaiiiiiit."  Eventually with some treats and a short walk we tricked him in to the grooming room.

While V was at the Groomers, I ran to Troy.  I met with Carolyn from the TBR( Troy Bike Rescue) to plan a GFSC bike maintenance workshop, an event I can NOT wait to participate in.  I LOVE my bike for many reasons and am very much excited to better understand how it works and know how to fix it on my own.  What a smart bike-alicious babe I will be then!  After Carolyn and I finished, I met a friend for lunch at Flavour's café and then stopped at Some Girl's Boutique to pickup my dress! 

Here are a few photos of my running errands attire.

 This black lace blouse belongs to my mother, I have been impatiently waiting to borrow it.  I adore this necklace for reasons beyond it being incredibly cool, I bought it while living in Paris in 2006 at a Flee Market in the 14ième.

I just figured out in cropping this photo how to do funky alterations, hence the silhouette.

Once my errands were done and V was all set, I headed back to Petsmart.  From the moment I saw V, he would NOT get off of me.  After having run all over the capital district, I was in great need of a 15 minute catnap.  From the minute we walked in the door, V had to be in my lap.  When we laid down for our nap, he had to lay across my entire body. The little precious dear.

 Camera shy... He takes after his mom.  NOT.

 Camera tricks.

  Wednesday night was another FMob rehearsal.  Afterward, Lis and I went to The Point for some gelato!  I had chocolate, vanilla and double espresso!  It was  MAGNIFIQUE!  I also saw my good friend Joe, whom I have not seen in weeks.  A side note, he has a special lady in his life and he seems so happy!  I can not wait to meet her!

Wednesday night I went to bed with hopes of a positive day to follow... Boy those wishes came true! 

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