Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Searching for a Real Love.

It has been a long time since I have had a serious boyfriend. I am very satisfied with my life. I find it to be very fulfilling- packed with mini-adventures and self-discovery. I have never been a lonely person, in contrast, I might be too good at being alone. With the disclaimer out of the way, I will say that there are times I think having a love-r would be quite nice indeed. As of late I have been asking myself what it is I want/need, really analyzing the subject. In all of my mad-dash commutes the last few weeks there is a song that has found its way to my stereo frequently. Mary J. Blidge, Real Love. The lyrics are exactly how I have been feeling. It makes me wonder, what is "real love"? After downloading the song to my iphone- the world's greatest invention- I have done nothing but listen to it on repeat. It dawned on me. I have stupidly, blindly ignored the relationship I have with my mother and big sister. They have been there for it all. They know everything. The have supported me and cried with me and for me through everything. At the GFSC launch party, they were there, cheering and hooting. Through breaking my back and having a rough and difficult hospital stay, they never left my side. Through the arguments and growing pains, they were both there. My mother and my sister are my "real love", unconditional, unselfish and all encompassing. Yesterday, after hours of searching and irritating the wonderful sales girl, I finally found the best way to tell my mother and my sister how I feel. With three matching-engraved bracelets.

There are a few friends that have also been there for me. To them I say thank you. I am truly indebted to you all.

Here is a quick photo of what I wore on Tuesday. A friend of mine said, "I wish you were my teacher." That warmed my little heart.


  1. lovely blog.xx


  2. This is possibly one of the most beautiful photo's of you ever. And they are all beautiful. I think that means that this photo is breathtaking. Or something.