Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Letting the expectations go

Saturday night I stayed up far beyond what I deem responsible and healthy.  I consider myself to be routinely spontaneous... this meaning that I love adventure, with my routine still being honored.  I like to be up at 6am, to eat breakfast and drink tea, and write work emails and have an hour and a half to do so, before I leave my house.  I hate nothing more in this life than feeling rushed.  I like to be early and calm.  Well, Sunday morning I woke up at 8:45am, I didn't even know it was possible to sleep that late!  I had less than an hour to walk my dog, eat breakfast and get ready for work.  From the moment I woke up, I assured myself, "today is going to be horrible!"  I had a very busy day in store and I was certain that I was going to be exhausted, make errors and desperately need a nap before noon rolled around.  Then... strangely, I had the best day!  Work was a breeze, I even made a few new friends and invited them to the GFSC launch party.  I came home and walked V and enjoyed the gloriously perfect fall weather.  My evening plans were a dinner party with Jonaliza (the creator of GFSC, and one of the greatest friends I have had the honor of making) and Karli (the director of GFSC volleyball- Albany).  Our goals for the evening were to discuss the GFSC launch party, view the rough cuts of "Girls in Motion" webisodes, meet her new beau and his two close friends.  I decided earlier in the day that I would squeeze in a quick run before heading over for dinner.  I had a great morning, with that acknowledged, I was sure that a mile into my run I would die.  I crossed my fingers and thought, "just get to 3 miles".  Well, mile 3 came and went, and so did 4 and 5, finally at 6.2, and realizing I was going to be a half hour late for dinner I called it quits.  I have not had such a great run in so long.  It felt so enjoyable and easy.  There have been days when I have planned a 6 mile run and at mile 2 thought, "this is awful... I'm done!"  Well, it turns out that all I need to do is loosen my grip, stop being so planned out and harsh on myself, just live and let live.  My successful run put a fantastic smile on my face all night.  I always have a good time, I pride myself on that, but Jonaliza's was more fun than I've had in a while.  I felt like I was in Sex & The City.   Before the boys arrived, Jonaliza, Karli  and I watched rough cuts of our newly filmed webisode series - Girls in Motion, which will be shown for the first time, this Thursday at the launch party.  We chatted about life, GFSC, our goals, and basked in the glory of having found each other.  It was deemed that I am Carrie, Karli is Samantha and Jonaliza is Charlotte... now, who will be our Miranda?  The y's arrived late... which we were fine with.  The evening was much lovelier than I had thought it would turn out- perhaps this is another sign that if I don't expect anything, it goes better than I would have thought.  The 6 of us got on swimmingly.  We all live with a focus on health and fitness, the three of us ladies met through GFSC and the y's met at the gym... there were bromance and workout jokes being tossed about all night.  I had told Lis (my roommate and bestie) that I would be home by 10pm, I knew there wasn't going to be a chance I'd want to be with the group that long.  Uuup, wrong again!  It was a delight to be with a group of people who understand what I love and live for.  The night ended in fits of laughter and a reaffirmation that being exactly where I am, is a great place to be.

Following are a few photos from Sunday. 
 6.2, no expectations gets you far.

the x's.

the y's.

Here begins the laughter.

 Laughter is a great thing to catch.

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