Monday, September 19, 2011

Saturday with the Bride!

When I was a freshman in college I met Mandy, we were in College Algebra together.  What started as a girl's study group, quickly blossomed into a beautiful friendship.  Over the last 8 years Mandy and I have done and been through a lot together.  A few years back, Mandy met Stephen.  It is a delight to see her so happy and now planning their wedding- for which Mandy has asked me to be a bride's maid -insert excited girlish squeal here.  This past Saturday I met Mandy in Saratoga, at Lily's of Saratoga, her dress arrived!  She was so beautiful and her dress is the perfect balance of modern, vintage and class.  Just enough beading and detail to look feminine without being gaudy.  I can't wait until the big day!  The wedding isn't until May, so to some that may seem like it is in the future, but for those who have either gotten married or have helped plan a wedding, the clock is certainly ticking quickly.  I will certainly blog in much greater detail with each event leading to what is sure to be a stunning and joyous ceremony.

Following are two photos of the stunning bride-to-be.

Just the right amount of detail.

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