Thursday, September 15, 2011

Test Anxiety

So tomorrow is the first "interro", quiz that my french students will have this semester.  I have made a rule that every 4th class there will be "un interro" and every 7th class there will be "un examen".  The quiz will be made up of 30 questions, starting with "une dictée", a dictation where I either have them write what I say or respond to what I ask.  Following, they must input the correct article for 10 nouns.  Either Une or Un.  They will then have to complete 8 sentences with either the correct conjugated form of Etre-to be or Avoir-to have.  The finishing 6 questions will be to input the correct conjugated form of 6 different REGULAR -er verbs.  Here is what part of the rough draft looks like.  

I just opened my email to see the most precious email from one of my students, we'll call her Colette. 

Bonjour Jeni!

I am feeling a little confused about how to know the appropriate placement of etre.  Last Thursday, when we were filling in the blanks of the sentences you wrote, there was one that said "Claudine elle etre etudiante" and I don't really understand why etre is placed there. I guess it may be an easier to explain in person, so maybe I could ask you a few of my little questions before class tomorrow. I just want to be prepared for the quiz!!! I'm a bit of a nervous test taker :)

Thanks for the snacks!!!

Thanks, Colette 

I have no doubt about Colette's success in my class.  She has never studied French before, but her homework thus far has been practically without error and she has emailed me with questions every night.  She is going to without question, be my star student.  Don't fret my dear students, you will all do just fine tomorrow.

Earlier today I was able to go for a run!  I ran a route that I normally wouldn't have done, because it would have been impossible to remember and track through online GPS sites... buuuut, with my Garmin, I just ran in any which direction and knew exactly how far I had gone!  Yay, an easy and new 4 mile loop.  NOT BAD, I'd say. After my run I had my "dork date-revised" with my friend Adam H.  We decided to go out to dinner at VAN'S, one of my favorite ethnic restaurants in Albany, in place of watching 9-11 documentaries.  Dinner was delectable!  I had some sort of tofu soup and Adam had mussels and grilled beef and vermacelli noodles.  Here is a photo of my massive portion of soup. 
Now that it is almost 1:00am, I suppose I must head to bed.  I have a long day ahead of me.  I will be going to yoga at 8:30am at The Hot Yoga Spot, with Loren, an amazing teacher, then I must write my lesson plan for the remainder of class tomorrow after the quiz, and think of a marvelous treat to bring my students so that they do not LOATHE test days.  Luckily though, I already know exactly what I will wear tomorrow.  My J'adore SomeGirl's blue t-shirt, black puff skirt and bow belt and my new black saddle shoe pumps.  C'est Parfaite!!  There will most certainly be photos posted tomorrow!  

Bonne Nuit, à la prochaine.  Biz

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