Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thacher Park with the ARE

Thursday evening I went for the most breathtaking run I've ever done.  The ARE finished up their Summer Trail Series with a trail run at Thacher Park and a spectacular BBQ!  The views were so inspiring and stunning.  I couldn't believe that I was so lucky as to participate in three of my favorite things all at one event.  Running, nature and eating! (Don't judge me for eating a hot dog and 3 brownies...they were minis!)  Thursday was my first time on the trails at Thacher and I can't believe how beautifully maintained they are.  It is at times like Thursday that I am very thankful to my body and my family, for supporting my love for athletics!  If you have not yet made it to T.P. I highly recommend the trip.  You will NOT be disappointed.  It is the perfect setting for a romantic date, a family picnic or a friendly adventure.  Let the park also be an inspiration to donate every chance you get to save NY parks.

Following are a few photos that do NOT do the experience its full justice.

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