Friday, September 16, 2011

Yesterday I spent the morning at the Apple store in order to get Word and Powerpoint installed on my Mac Book before class.  Once I was up to date,  Lis (my roommate) and I  decided to hit Forever 21, in hopes of finding a new dress for her first day of work last night at The Point.  I was shocked to see they had great skirts in longer lengths!  I bought a few great pieces that were sexy, feminine and appropriate for teaching- photos of my news threads will be posted soon.  Once our apetite for shopping was satisfied we realized just how hungry we were.  So we headed to Pizzeria Uno and shared a whole wheat thin crust Fall Harvest pizza.  It was delicious!  We were that comfortable couple that has spent 50 years together... she sat texting and I sat at my keyboard furiously typing away, I had written the quiz, but had not been able to get it on my computer in a printable form.

Last night my students took their first quiz.  It was a great learning experience for all of us.  Some of them did very well.  From this first quiz I learned some students need a little more personalized help while others need to spend more time studying.  To lessen the blow of first quiz anxiety and possible failure,  I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and bought chocolate, pumpkin, glazed, blueberry and jelly munchkins for everyone.  I was unable to abstain, I had more than my fair share.  Up to this point, I have been teaching free form, no text book, which I have enjoyed, but wouldn't mind the back up of predetermined lesson topics and thus was glad to see that the text books I ordered had arrived.  After class I headed to see my mom.  We chatted away about class and I showed her links to the 4 pairs of shoes I am dying to own and we surfed ANNTAYLOR.COM.  There is a green blouse that we both fell in love with.  At 9:00 I hit the road.  I had plans with my good friend Jenna, to dine at The Point, in order to socialize, stare at the hot bartenders and see Lis on her first night.  It was packed last night!  There were more people than I have ever seen before.  I love when there is a buzz inside a restaurant, it makes me feel like I am apart of something and that life is happening.  Sadly, Jenna was unable to make it... so instead of girltalk, I stared at the bartenders alone and graded the quizes.  All in all I had a great night. 

I had planned to wear my puff black mini-skirt and Some Girl's tee, but it was too darn cold!  So, here is what I settled on.  You may ask why it mattered to begin with?!  1- I was giving a quiz and I wanted my students to remember that I am young and hip and that they like me and 2- I knew I was going out directly to The Point from class.

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