Tuesday, October 18, 2011

FIT to be OUT

When I was a in my second year of college, my mother lent me this evening gown to wear to a school formal.  I absolutely loved the simplicity and elegance, I felt sexy and understated.  I did not need to fuss or worry about showing too much or being cold.  It was the perfect balance.  All these years later, I still think it's beautiful.  Yesterday, my mother GAVE me the dress!  I have no formal event listed on my calendar and thought, why let such a spectacular garment go to waste?!  And thus, today's outfit was put together.  To help make it a day-to-day outfit I paired it with knee-high wool socks and my favorite thrifted item- my J-crew leather riding boots (that I have owned for 9 years and must be at least 15 years old themselves) and a leather braided belt.  I kept my makeup and jewelry simple as well.  Pale pink lips- thank you Cover Girl and my outrageously perfect mascara from Benefit.  My bracelet was a gift from my mother that she sent to me while I was living over seas.  

Simple-country jacket to finish it all off.

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