Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FIT to be OUT

Since I can remember, my style has been that of mixing patterns. I have long caught slack for pairing black and brown or strikingly different patterns.  Well, thanks to other daring fashion lovers, the meaning has transformed.  No longer is it about one's ability to put like-colors together.  True fashion is about self expression, NOT conformity.  It's about playfulness and creativity.  Don't forget, confidence is the sexiest accessory anyone can rock.  So next time you go to get dressed, wear what you will- love it and rock it- and you'll have others dying to do the same.

For this outfit, I wore most of my "favorites."  100% cotton stripped t-shirt.   Wrapped floral ballet skirt, which I bought years back at a goodwill.   Grey stockings my mother bought for me in the 8th grade- no joke.  A recent purchase, the almost unstylish "school marm" shoes, which I feel pair well with just about everything and are beyond comfortable.  

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