Wednesday, October 26, 2011

FIT to be OUT

The summer I returned from Montpellier, I lived with my mother for 2 months while I figured out what was next.  Stuyvesant Falls is the definition of a tiny town.  The sign that marks the town's boarder says "Welcome to Stuyvesant Falls, an Agricultural Community".  There is not a single stop light or market, not even a gas station.  Corn fields, winding roads and country sounds make it StuyFalls (as I called it growing up).  Although it lacks the conveniences of larger towns and cities it is blessed with a breath-taking view.  Each morning of that summer at my mother's I walked  V (my dog) at 4:45am, over this bridge.  I listened to the falls, walked through the rising fog and thanked the mist for being given another day.  Yesterday I stopped to see my mother and we headed to the bridge.  The falls coupled with the leaves' saturated colors made for the best backdrop to an already great day.  The new season is really setting in up-state and the fervor of excitement from the upcoming change is impossible to ignore.

Bridge over the Stuyvesant Falls.

The old factory overlooking the falls- there is something about the abundance of windows on this building that has always filled me with a sense of romance.

My outfit was an homage to this very factory.  A romantic ruggedness, the sexiness and luster is found in its understated and utilitarian nature.  
My sister, in an attempt to clean out her closet gave me this green t-shirt and white sweater yesterday.  I wanted to wear them both.
 This pencil skirt was a gift from my mother, that very same summer, in hopes of getting me to wear less revealing skirts (bless her heart).

My MIA booties, one of my favorite purchases of all time.

 I found this hat at my new favorite thrift store a few weeks ago, it makes me feel Australian.

Mon ombre.

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