Monday, October 3, 2011

Fit to be OUT- Friday FLY day edition!

"Friday Fly day- Girl's Night Out"- as the night was deemed- the title was created by myself to describe what my time is like with my dear friend A. Flora. A. Flora and I met in college and were always social, but it wasn't until after we both went our separate ways that we truly connected as friends. In the years since, we have traveled the world, camped, shopped, laughed and cried at, with and for each other and no matter what, have a fantastic time. Now that I am in Albany and she is still within the rolling hills of Columbia County, in addition to the fact that we both work insane hours, it is not as often as we'd like that we are able to spend time together. So when we realized that both of us had the night free, we decided it was time to get dressed, in something other than buisness-like attire and head to our old stomping grounds of Troy- where we were both college students. The evening was so delightful! We ate our dinner in fits of laughter on the terrace at Brown's Brewery. Whenever we are together, it is as if we are in our own little world. We discussed what it's like to be teachers, we are both adjunct teachers this semester. She teaches Hebrew and I teach French. We talked fashion, travel, and of her boyfriend and how gloriously happy she is, and of course "hotties", as I have nothing to input in the way of "my boyfriend and I" type conversation, but I can talk a good game about all the "babes" I see. There were several occasions that I apologized to the table of men sitting just diagonally to us, for laughing too loudly or saying crass things... They had their beers and burgers and I think found it entertaining to hear such things from two "classy dames." Overall it was an entertaining and reviving night.

Following are a few photos to show how a "Friday Fly Day- Girl's night out, lady" dresses. This is one of my favorite dresses I own. I found it on a sale rack at H&M a few years back for $9, and have worn it more times than I can count. My beautiful coral scarf was a gift from my mother, the earrings a gift from my sister, for my second trip to France in 2009 (they were made by a TIGHT KNIT vendor) and lastly my military booties by MIA that I bought last spring and both A. and myself have gotten good use out of them.

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