Monday, October 24, 2011

Girlnetic "Branches Out" for Fitness and Fun.

Yesterday I spent the morning at OOMS Conservation at Sutherland Pond, in Old Chatham, climbing trees!  It was time to film our second round of webisodes for Girlnetic's Girls in Motion.  When brainstorming about what topics and activities we should showcase this time around, Jonaliza( creator of Girlnetic and genious behind the GIM concept) suggested we kick it "old school" and bring it back to the days of youth, when exercise was an adventure.  Girlnetic is all about maintaining an active lifestyle while having fun.  What could be more fun than being outside, breathing fresh air while laughing and getting exercise- all for free?!  Trees are just the way to do that!  Sutherland Pond is one of my favorite places on hearth.  It is the land conservation in which I grew up on.  Watching lightening strike the 30 acre pond was like magic.  So when given the opportunity to choose the location, I knew that S.P. was it.  The property is beautiful and serene and I'd love for others to know about it.  I interviewed Andrew Maracco, professional Arborist to find out what safety precautions should be taken before one really tries to tackle a tree or two.  Then we had some fun!  I will not lie, I am terrified of heights and it took me a min... or 3 to get down once I was up there.   Our filming crew is fantastic- they both got up in the tree to get better shots.  I only had myself to worry about - they had expensive gear.  I can't wait to see how the webisode comes out! 

Until the finished product is ready, here are a few behind-the-scene photos.

 Reviewing the "script" before we started- Me with Andrew Maracco, professional Arborist.

 "BEHIND" the scenes... ha ha, I'm 5.

 Cameraman, Chris.

 Cameraman, Christian.



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