Monday, October 10, 2011

Harvest Scented

Sunday was Goold's Orchard Fall Festival.  I surprisingly had the morning free and knew I couldn't miss it.  Jonaliza(the creator of Girlnetic Fitness) and I were giddy at the idea of a morning filled with apples, cider, doughnuts and a short chance to be off the city streets and pleased as punch to do it together!  It was the definition of the perfect fall day-sunny and full of harvest-scents.  I made sure to get my hot cider the minute we walked through the entrance and J got an apple turnover.  Right outside of the farm store was the performance tent.  J and I were instantly held captive by a group of cloggers.  Have no fear, we have already asked them to setup a GFSC event!  There will be clogging in Albany!  We shopped the craft tents and made certain to stop at every vendor selling "dips", J can't get enough of them.  We stumbled upon three great finds.  One, dog treats made from scratch with Carob coating .  Two, salsa made right here in the capital district that is part of a project to create jobs for low income families.  I bought the mild.  It was delicious! Three, just before we left, I saw a woman selling "princess crowns" and I convinced J that we NEEEEEDED them to survive!  We even wore them to our later business meeting.  I simply explained, "oh these, they're our princess crowns".  On the way out I saw a guy who's mustache was too perfect to not document.  Thank you Shawn for being a good sport.

 Princess Crowns- this season's "MUST have item"
Shawn and the perfect mustache.

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