Monday, October 17, 2011


I could feel it in my body and mind that I needed a longer distance run.  I didn't get my 6-miler in this weekend, so I planned to do that today.  Running the same loop in the city is starting to lose its luster and seeing that I had to drive to Columbia County today, I figured why not run while I was there.  Highland road was where I ran as a teenager.  It is the road that connects my father's road to the center of town.  It is peaceful, scenic, made of dirt and one hill after another.  It was so wonderful to run today.  I worked through some current issues in my head, rejoiced over where I have been and remembered one run from my past in particular.  Back in 2006, the day after Christmas I went for a run- and cried.  I knew that two days later and the next run I took, I would be in Paris, France.  Running is something I am so lucky to have.  It is my friend and confidant and has seen me through the ages and trials and for it I am much better off.  Although Highland Road has changed in several ways over the years, it is still "home" in my heart.  I offer this one piece of advice- take a break from your routine scenes and go back to that place, that feeling of "home", whatever it may be.  It will refresh and inspire you.  I remind myself often that each day is a chance to get one step closer to being a better version of myself.  Today's visit to Highland Road brought me 7.5 miles closer.

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