Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I've Got those Happy Feet

(This post is to simply worship my MIZUNO's)

I remember from "way back when" going sneaker shopping for the first day of school.  My criteria for sneakers were, color, style and price.  It never crossed my mind that I should get a fitting or even consider arch support or for what use the shoe was intended.  This past January I made the same mistake I had made 100 times before- I purchased a new pair of kicks following the same criteria.  I didn't realize that sneakers could really make running a joy or a burden.  Without fail, at mile 3, during every run since January my entire right foot went numb.  I learned to push through it and thought it must be related to a past ankle injury.  A few months ago I went to  Fleet Feet to purchase trail running sneakers, while there, I mentioned my issue to an associate and he informed me that my sneakers were too small and that I should consider going up a half a size.  A few weeks later, when finances were in order, I went back to FF and tried on several pairs and was even given the opportunity to run in them all.  I then found my MIZUNO's!  Every run since purchasing them has been a breeze.  They are the perfect fit and super light.  I recommend whole-heartedly to everyone that you get your feet properly fitted before you purchase your next set of kicks.  If you choose wisely it can open up a whole new side of running- the fun side.

Following are a few items I would now HATE to run without.
My Garmin Forerunner 305.  It keeps track of all my times, paces and distances-best of all helps me keep things in perspective and encourages me to run "just one block more"... adding up to many more miles.

 My CRAFT sports bra.  I have found that a good sports bra is an investment and worth every penny.  I may be on the "smaller side", but I have found it is still equally as important to have a sports bra that does its job- and well.  Not only is everything kept in place, the entire back is mesh and the little arch of mesh in the front really helps keep unwanted pools of boob-sweat to a minimum.

Lastly, an armband for my iphone.  I hate to run without music, but I have tried several times to run with my phone or ipod tucked into my sports bra... it gets nasty and irritating.  This little gem holds keys, ID and my phone and was something like $9. 

**If you are looking for sneakers or the best gear for your workout, feel free to ask, I will gladly point you in the direction of who could help you best.**

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