Saturday, October 1, 2011

Step in to my office

It feels as though years have passed since Tuesday, when I saw my mother and sister. Wednesday I got up at 530, walked V, ate half of a whole wheat bagel with almond butter and drank my mandatory morning-mug of green tea (it is my one ritual that I will NOT let go of) and at 630am, I went to The Home Depot. Lis (my roommate and friend of 15 years) and I had been discussing reorganizing our house. We live in what is considered a larger three bedroom apartment. However, the closest space is limited and thus, we turned the third bedroom into a closest/guest room. This room houses a futon and our dressers, but as we have come to see, the space was not being properly utilized. In the front of our apartment, attached to our two living rooms is a wrap around walk in closet, which to this point had been jam-packed with coats, shoes, yarn, a huge chest of drawers filled with office-type supplies, work out gear and just plain haphazardly thrown together. My bedroom which is significantly smaller than Lis', has begun to feel cluttered and suffucating. She brilliantly suggested last week that we rework our storage capabilities and that I make an office out of the front closet. I never thought it would work out. Boy was I wrong! My office is my new little haven! Equipped with my own little "thinking corner", a perfect nook with pillows, where I can sit and quietly reflect, an adorable little window above my desk, a shelf lining the ceiling where I have put a considerable amount of my yarn, and rows of hooks where I have hung my beautiful and brightly colored scarves. The space is still a work in progress, I hope to add more color and art work, but on Wednesday alone, I got more accomplished than I have in a while... and that's a lot.

Following are a few photos of how our guest room/closest started out, what it has become and then how my office started and what it has become. Final photos should be posted next week, after having more time to finish up.
The Guest room- Closet  & the improperly-utilized closet- My office!
The Guest room/ Closet, after reorganizing.  

To some, my little office may seem cluttered, but I have chosen to surround myself with things of meaning.

 I love birds in flight, for me they are representation of possibility.  I also have a bird tattoo on the top of my foot.  This golden sparrow embodies all I think of when I think of a "glorious morning".
 A. Flora gave these to me for my 25th Birthday.
 Film camera and cards that have been written to me by special people.
 Kitting bag, Team in Training t-shirt and sports gear! 
 My world may seem small and overwhelming at times but it is indeed, wide open.
My collection of scarves and newly purchased vintage hat!

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