Monday, October 10, 2011

A Stylish Columbus Day

It's Columbus Day and I spent it exactly how I wanted to.  With yoga, fashion, family and ice cream. The day started out like most others.  I woke up while the air was still crisp and the sun was just rising.  V and I did our 2 mile morning loop before I went to yoga.  I am a creature of minor-habits.  I love adventure but I choose to hold on to small and rather strange habits for comfort.  For instance, I always position my self in the front far left corner for Monday morning Yoga.  Today I was running five minutes late and found myself in the third row.  I did a quick pout in my head and thought, "that's what you get for running late".  It turned out to be very refreshing.  It is often said in yoga, that the things you resist the most are the things you probably need the most.  I proved to myself yet again, that holding on to small anxieties will get me nowhere.  I must not be afraid to deviate from my routines.   I spent the next hour and a half feeling happy to see class from a new perspective and worked on keeping my focus in class and on the mat and not letting my thoughts drift to the 42 things I needed to get done afterward.  

Once I finished a few items on my to-do list I headed to ARCH, a new Salon in Crossgates Mall that donated several gift certificates to GFSC for our launch party.   I wanted to check it out myself, so early in the afternoon I went in to see Abby, the Salon owner.  After learning more about the salon and their services, I decided to get my eyebrows threaded.  It was amazing.  For a short amount of pain, about three minutes, I now have beautifully-arched and super-sexy eyebrows!  I highly recommend you put down the tweezers, never wax again, and just get your brows threaded.

Once I was finished at ARCH, I went to SOME GIRLS BOUTIQUE to celebrate Columbus Day by making a few stylish purchases!  I bought an amazing blue and white stripped tank-blouse that I have been eye-ing for a while and a killer new pair of sunglasses.  While at SGB my mother called and suggested that I meet my family for some ice cream.  I got to watch my niece eat ice cream for the first time.  It was the most precious thing I have ever seen.  She will be a year old on October 17th.  She is so giggly and ambitious and already knows that a twist is the way to go with soft-serve.  These little moments with my siblings, mother and niece are always priceless.  They remind me who I am, where I came from and just how lucky we are in life to have each other and our health.  I know Columbus Day is in celebration of a man that "found" a country, but today, it was so much more to me.

My outfit today was a tribute to the yester-years of fashion.  Class and femininity.  Starting from head to toe- my new shades from SGB!  A very simple white cotton tee to balance out my rather "loud" skirt, which I purchased in Paris a few years ago and still LOVE to this day and a wonderful pair of thrifted Genuine Snakeskin pumps.

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