Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fit to be OUT- Five and Diamond

All photos- credit Alexandra Flora 
 Yesterday's post was all about 50's inspired men's wear fashions.  Today's is all about feminine luxury.  I crave the elegance and glamor of dress from days gone by.  I recognize that opportunities to wear ball gowns and pearls seldom present themselves these days.  I am always on the hunt for ways to pair elegance, grace, lace and chiffon with warmth, ease and practicality.  I recently visited Five and Diamond Vintage, a vintage shop in the heart of Hudson,NY, where I discovered a collection of clothing so grand that I knew it would be perfect for this project- finding the perfect balance of sparkle and practicality.  So it was with this goal and A. Flora's talented eye and camera that we headed to Five and Diamond today.
 Hat, vest, dress- Five and Diamond Vintage 

 Reasons I loved this outfit-
 The chiffon was so light and fun and extremely girly.  Adding the vest and hat made me feel like I could walk in to even the smokiest of saloons and still feel as though I belonged.

 Dress, Blouse, Sweater, and clutch- Five and Diamond Vintage

Reasons I Loved this outfit-
I felt as though I was walking off the set of "the King and I".  The satin of this dress and the layering of peach and pink made me feel like a women, while the simplicity of the fabric made me feel classy beyond words.  Considering that we are in the thick of fall, we had lovely overcast skies and crisp temps today, which put a chill in the air that required a wool sweater for warmth, of both my soul and body.  There is something so cozy and alluring about wool sweaters-that just warms my heart- perhaps I am a hopeless romantic.  I loved the contrast of unembellished silk with the grainy wool, with the ever so slight glimpse of the asian print blouse.

 Dress, gloves, belt, glasses, clutch- Five and Diamond Vintage

This last ensemble was very early pilot to me.  The red leather gloves, puffed sleeves and L.L. Bean riding boots were nicely complimented by the dress' no- frills silhouette and rather verbose fabric- a combination that provided the garment with a daring and proud air- much like the attitudes of early pilots.

Is there a style of dress or trend that you have wanted to try and have not yet had a reason to?  What is it?  Don't wait for the occasion to occur- make the occasion. 

**I would like to say a quick "thank you" to Five and Diamond and A. Flora.** 


  1. Wow, these turned out great... BeautIful!!!!

  2. Excellent collaboration. Looking forward to featuring more of Five and Diamond and the hidden jewel that is the city of Hudson.