Monday, November 14, 2011

FIT to be OUT- Mona Lisa Smile

I have always known that I was meant to be a woman in the 50's.  The fashion, both the absolute femininity of flowing dresses, abundance of lace, gloves and the general appreciation of putting together an outfit and the shift into mens wear, with pant suits, loafers and plaid galore, all aspects of fashion I live for.  Even the roles women played- molding their families and hosting elegant dinner parties while begining the explorative stages of "other options" and becoming career-minded.  I would have LOVED to be a part of that.  Saturday my friend Kasey and I had a very 5O's themed evening.  We watched Dirty Dancing Havana Nights, which made me want to dance and have a Cuban love affair and then Mona Lisa Smile.  While watching both movies, I continued my knitting projects and Kasey worked on sewing projects.  Perhaps what I love most about the style of fashion and life of the 50's is that everything had such an air of elegance- the sensuality that was exuded was through confidence not through overt sex appeal, as it is often these days.  After re-watching Mona Lisa Smile today, I was inspired to play in my closet.  
 Flannel- Forever 21
Watch- walmart
Belt- Thrifted

Pants- My mother's from the early 90's
Saddle shoes- purchased in High School, I can not remember where
I love this outfit because it's so utilitarian and no non-sense, I felt like I was in control, I wanted to hop on a bicycle and run all over the city.

Let me present Vander to you.

 Sweater- gift- vintage
T-shirt- Forever 21
Pants- Thrifted
Belt- Thrifted
Loafters- Thrifted
I love this outfit because I still felt feminine while being entirely practical.  The form fitting t-shirt paired with the hand-knit sweater and rose appliqué made me feel womanly while the trousers and loafers made me feel daring and at ease.

If you could live during any other time, what would it be?  


  1. Somehow you pull these looks off! You could have been born in any era and looked great <3

  2. Hmm...Do you go with ancient Roman or Greek times where sport, philosophy and orgies ruled the day? LOL Or maybe the times of Columbus, watching the world expand exponentially. I kind of like your '50's selection. I'd be considered a better athlete, my closet nerdiness might not have to remain hidden, but you'd still have some of the creature comforts I'm accustomed to. Hmm...