Wednesday, November 2, 2011

FIT to be OUT- Perks of shopping vintage

 I'm not sure when it started or how, but I love shopping in thrift and vintage stores.  "Thrifting" has landed me several of my favorite possessions.  I was considering this fact a few days ago while getting dressed- in one of my favorite thrifted skirts- and I began to reminisce about my now 11 year romance with the world of "second hand".  Although, I can't seem to produce a memory of my first time in a Salvation army, I can most certainly recall spending much of my free time and school holidays  as a teen  searching through racks with my best friend Meredith.  We would drive near and far to spend hours in a Salvation army, searching for treasure and elated when we found it.  (Following you will see my new Dooney and Bourke bag-which I found at GOODWILL two days ago, I couldn't believe my eyes!)  My utter love for reading fashion blogs and these memories sparked my curiosity- I wonder, how did everyone else get started in their love affairs with shopping "second hand"?  This post is the start of the "Perks of Shopping Vintage" series.  Over the next few weeks I will be interviewing other fashion bloggers and vintage store owners about how they got started and what they consider to be the PERKS of shopping vintage.  Look for a new post every Wednesday!

Thrifted pieces have such character and a uniqueness that chain stores can't provide.  I LOVE mixing the old with the new.

 Coat- A hand me down from my big sister.
Stockings- JCPenny
Shoes- Target
Shirt- Thrifted

Bag- Dooney and Bourke THRIFTED

I want to know everyones favorite "thrifted" possession!?!  How did you get started?  Also, if you have never shopped second hand, why not?

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  1. i got my dooney&bourke at goodwill, too! i can't believe some of the great stuff i find sometimes :)