Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Friday was Troy Night Out, an arts and culture event that takes place the last Friday of every month, with impromptu galleries in empty store fronts and bands on street corners.  Since its start, TNO has drawn a crowd.  This past Friday in traditional SOME GIRLS BOUTIQUE fashion, their "still" window displays were swapped out for live mannequins.  In accord with the Halloween spirt and Some Girls Boutique's forward thinking notions, the hair and makeup for the "live mannequin show" was not a silent aspect- rather it was verbose and eye catching all on its own (thank you Cory from Ando Salon, I felt like a badass ballerina).  It might have been my favorite hair and makeup to date.  A new shipment of clothing had just arrived earlier in the day and I was giddy with anticipation at getting to see and wear some new threads!  I fell in LOVE with this first sparkly dress.  The evening's photographer, James Morrison traded traditional white lights for some red and blue, and boy, it set the shoot on fire.    

If you have not been to TNO, I highly recommend that you add it to your calendars for next month.

After TNO, my weekend seemed to run away from me.  I love adventure, it's true, but I also love feeling organized and to have a slight plan in place.  I typically keep a to-do-list handy and love my appointment book.  The last two weeks have been so absurdly busy, that I haven't had time to write a list or even go to yoga!  I wonder, am I the only person that keeps to-do-lists, or is it normal to feel outtawack without one?  Today I will take deep breaths am hope that tomorrow I wake up with some normalcy- starting with 630am hot yoga.

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  1. I was hoping to hear the story behind those pictures! Thanks! lol