Saturday, November 19, 2011


I have always adored Diana Ross.  I am a hopeless romantic, love, in my opinion was meant to be true.  Her songs, which are continuously played in my car, at an absurd volume, while I belt along- wildly off key- are the complete and utter voice of love and loss.  A thought I have pondered heavily the last few days.  Thoughts of all sorts have been weighing heavily lately- I have had a lingering feeling, one I can't really place a word on.  The last few weeks -I have just felt off, not fully myself.  Tonight, while driving home I was once again listening to Diana.  For a moment I left the lyrics behind and lost myself in thought.  It suddenly occurred to me that I have not taken the time to do the things that keep me in touch with my "self".   I then recognized that it is up to me to remain focused, I must re-center myself.  Thoughts then whirled and twirled- NOW is it.   NOW is the time, now is the best time...   I  reminded myself of what I find to be important and most importantly-  I am not meant to be rescued by anyone but myself.  I am now filled with excitement and purpose for each day to arrive.  No more "laters", just, "nows".  I can not wait to revisit my own strength.  Although I am a huge fan of this song- I will no longer sing it with longing- I don't need rescuing, I just need myself.  I hope that through all that is sure to come, especially with the most hectic of seasons vastly approaching, I can hold on to this feeling.  

I wonder, is it just me that feels as if I am sometimes fading away to the business that is life, or is this something that just happens? How do you ensure that your interests and feelings remain a priority? How do others re-center when they do feel out of balance?  The only bit of advice I can share is to just breathe.    

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  1. And I thought you only listened to Bieber...tough to extract similar deep and personal meanings from his songs. ha