Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Troy Turkey Trot and 6.2 miles of thankfulness

Yesterday while writing a blog post for GIRLNETIC FITNESS, about fun ways to burn off the extra intake of calories from Thanksgiving dinner, one thing I suggested was running a Turkey Trot.  My suggestion made me think, why aren't I registered for a race?!  So, I immediately registered for Troy's 64th annual Turkey Trot.  I was excited to see that there was  a 10k option (6.2 miles) in addition to the standard 5K (3.1 miles).  I am very much looking forward to participating in the holiday's festivities.  I have often read that runners will dedicate each mile in longer races to an individual-to give their race purpose and make the miles seem less dreadful.  I love this concept!   Seeing that I will be running on the national day of thanks, and I have much to be thankful for, it seems very fitting to make this a tradition of my own.  This morning I sat eating a delicious breakfast with a good friend and pondered what 6 things I would want to dedicate my miles to.  

Following is my list: 

Mile 1- FAMILY
I don't know how to speak about my family in anything but a hopeless romantic way.  Through it all they have been there and through it all they have given me strong and unwavering love and support, and boy do they make me laugh.  To my parents, I THANK YOU for loving me endlessly and providing me with such amazing opportunities and above all- your selflessness is unparalleled. To my siblings, you are my best friends.  Without you(4) life would be shallow and lack the abundance of laughter it possesses now.  To my brother-in-law, thank you for loving my sister the way you do.  You are an example of love that will be hard to match and easy to envy.  To my grandparents and extended family, you make my world complete.  I LOVE you all.
 With my siblings, laughing as per usual. 
Dinner with my siblings, their significant others and mother and step-father.  
 My dad, David, who I want to name a daughter after- Davey. 
The worlds greatest gift a girl can have is a best friend in her mother.

Mile 2: FRIENDS- the true blue kind
At times there is little difference between friends and acquaintances- but true friends, there is nothing like it.  There are a few friends that I could not see myself without.  I Love you, and I will be thinking of you and what you have given to my life.

Mile 3:Health and Happiness-
I set a trend in my early 20's- where I found myself with broken bones and Dr. visits galore.  I am very thankful for the outcome of these incidences.  I am lucky to have survived a broken ankle, elbow and spine, the discovery of allergies and other painful ailments.  I was told that if I had broken one vertebrae lower, I would never have walked again- now look at this list of "thanks", for a 10K- now tell me that alone is not worth all 6.2 miles?!  
 Foot long incision, to clean out spinal canal and fuse vertebrae.
 I admit, this is perhaps not the most flattering of photos.
My father was so tender and loving. 
My mother never left.  My sister commuted daily from Syracuse.

I live in a country and a time period where I can express my every thought, pursue my every whim and live out my desires.  I am thankful for the encouragement to be creative and the creativity of others, that inspires me daily.  I am lucky to have employment and provide for myself- my needs and wants.  I Love that I was afforded an education of excellent standards, my foreign studies and the fact that I can now teach others about what I love and about where I've been.

Mile 5: MY PAST-
Be them good or bad, all my experiences have brought me to exactly where I am- one step closer in the quest of becoming a better ME.  The ex-boyfriends that made me cry and doubt myself, the friends that weren't true, the failed exams, the grand mistakes in judgment, the missed opportunities... my achievements, adventures, inside jokes, stories, LOVE, lessons learned... all of it.

Mile 6: MY FUTURE-
Because it is so bright and wide open.  
And the love that will someday be added to it.

What do you have to be thankful for?  How will you give thanks?  Take time to tell those you care about, that they are significant to you.  LOVE large and laugh LOUDLY!


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