Monday, December 12, 2011

For the Man in Your Life

The Holidays are just days away!  It feels like November was skipped entirely and now, December is half over and about to bring the greatest season of all- the season of Joy and Giving!  I am a huge fan of Buffalo Dandy Blog and as such, I have asked Biz- the dandy behind it to compile a gifting guide for the man in your life.  I love his list!  Each gift is appropriate for whatever the relation or duration of such.  So don't panic if you've been having trouble deciding, because this list will make it oh so easy for you!  

Dandy Holiday Gift Guide

2. 15 year Glenlivet Scotch- I know what you’re thinking. It’s weird to buy a spouse a bottle of booze for a present. This isn’t just a bottle of booze. This is one of the best scotches you can buy for around $45. It’s not something that gets drunk all in one sitting. It’s something that you put in a cabinet, take out for special occasions and enjoy. If you’re not drinking scotch yet (you should) this is a great one to start with because the flavor is very smooth and not as jarring as some higher end scotches. Maybe also buy a pair of rocks glasses to go with it. $45.00
3. L.L.Bean Flannel Lined Slippers- Again, this is taking something that anyone can buy from anywhere, just paying a little more for a nicer version. These hand-sewn leather slippers are one of my most prized possessions. The perfect thing to slip on your feet while sitting by a fire, or just walking around your house on a cold winter morning. I like the flannel lined ones more than the fur lined because my feet get too warm with the fur, and these are the perfect balance of warmth and comfort. Buy them. He’ll enjoy them for years. $39.95
4. A Nice Watch- Again, something any man can appreciate is a nice watch. You don’t have to spend a fortune on one, though. Nixon makes some of the most incredible watches around and have one for almost every price point. This one, The Sentry Leather is both rugged enough for the weekend, but dressy enough for work.$130.00
5. Dent’s Driving Gloves- Every guy who watched the movie “Drive” wanted the leather driving gloves Ryan Gosling had in that movie. Every girl wanted Ryan Gosling in that movie. Get the gloves and you’re one step closer to being Ryan Gosling. You’re welcome. $56.00
6. Chesapeake Bay Spyce Cologne- It’s been my experience that girls love buying guys cologne. Sometimes they smell good, sometimes the guy doesn’t love it, but tolerates it because he knows the girl likes it. This is one that both can agree on. Very nicely priced, it’s a great first step for a man to start smelling like a man.$30.00
7. KJP Bow Tie- The Buffalo Dandy Bow Ties are not quite ready for production. In the mean time, if I had to pick a substitute, hands down it would be these Maritime Repp Bow Ties from Kiel James Patrick. I often rant and rave about his products, but it’s for good reason. All of his stuff is incredibly well made, right here in the U.S, and his designs are rock solid every time. These are a great introduction to world of the bow tie. Maybe not for everyone, but if your man is true Dandy at heart, he should have no problem pulling one of these off. $65.00

Happy holidays Ladies and Gents!  Do you already know what your giving to that special someone?!

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