Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'll Swap Cookies, but not My Friends

Last night's cookie swap was a mad success!  There were not 35 people or 9,000 cookies to be swapped, there were only 5 of us and about 200 cookies, but it was the stuff movies were made of.  There I was, drinking tea and dishing dirt with some pretty amazing women- we traded baking recipes, listened, laughed and teased each other, relentlessly- perhaps I got teased more than anyone else... I've been a little extra giddy lately, and I guess I deserved it.  Best of all, there was not a single negative thing said, only positive and uplifting things... and yes,  some rather vulgar things.  If you can't be yourself with your lady friends, when can you be?!  Jenna, Katie and Karli have already run a half marathon and gave great words of advice and encouragement!  I can't believe I have only 3 weeks left before I head to AZ for my race!  EEK!  Thank you ladies, for being such a wonderful aspect of my life.  I hope we all get what we desire, and Katie, I will cross my fingers for you!

I made chocolate boats with fresh fruit for the first time- everyone was happy with them!

I also made chocolate oatmeal no bake cookies- no peanut butter, since I'm allergic to peanuts.  They were a breeze to make and so delicious!  Now only 3 days till Christmas!  WOW!  

Have a great day everyone!
xo Jeni Leigh


  1. Your chocolate boats look delicious!

    Wish I could have made it :) Even though I am NOT the greatest chef/baker lol

  2. How fun!!! We should do that sometime!!!! The teacups looked so pretty! xoxoxoxo

  3. Ohh, they look so delicious - the strawberries too! <3 <3 <3

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