Thursday, December 8, 2011

Look what I Get to come Home to

(Vander waiting at the window)

Yesterday I did a 20 hour trip to New York.  It was hectic, poured heavily and blew strong winds!  Despite all this I had an amazing time!  I saw my cousin Stardust for the first time in YEARS and I laughed nonstop.  Family resemblance was so evident- most clearly in our behaviors and senses of humor- which are entirely corny and filled with insane outbursts.  I loved galavanting with her and saying repeatedly "oh that is such a LUFT quality" (our mothers' maiden name).  We ran all over, ate too much cake, tried the new Surfset workout (which as a Director of Girlnetic Fitness, I was invited to try and review- a full review will follow soon) ate chinese food at midnight, got miserably wet and during it all caught up on years of personal experiences and family gossip.  I loved my mini adventure for reconnecting me with my cousin but it is nice to be home! A moment away from routine is always inspiring and makes me appreciate even more what I get to come home to EVERY day! xo 
The bus I was almost denied boarding.
The expired French i.d. I used to board said bus.
 The Sheraton Hotel... Many a childhood memories made within that building.

 Dinner at Midnight.
 First glance of the Mauirzio Cattelan exhibit at the Guggenheim.  I literally gasped!  
My man.  The V in Me&V

What is your favorite part of coming home?

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