Tuesday, December 13, 2011

FIT to be OUT- Flowers and Tulle

My first semester as a college professor is coming to an end.  Today was the final day of review and Thursday will be part one of the two part final exam.  The last two classes have been so much fun, I really got lucky- all of my students are so funny and actually interested in French!  It has been a real pleasure teaching.  I guess it's time to start planning for New Years and my trip to AZ!  I have just 4 weeks until my race... and 5 weeks until my 27th birthday!  EEEk!  
 beret and sweatshirt- thifted
jacket- Tulle via Some Girls Boutique 
dress- charlotte russe 
tights- JC penny
Shoes- Payless 

 I know this is blurry, but I love it, cause I wasn't posing I was laughing with my mom! 
Last night's run, the seven miles isn't the exciting part, it's the fact that I did it on a treadmill without dying from boredom.

Tomorrow my "For the Woman in Your Life" guest post for Buffalo Dandy Blog goes up!  I can't wait- I didn't have a wish list until I started working on this post, and now I have a whole lot of wishing underway!  Dear Santa, I've been told I'm a "goody-goody"... I'll gladly take any and all of these gift ideas as a reward.  xoxo Jeni Leigh 

What's the number one gift on your wish list?!


  1. I love this look. It's fun. The contrast of the crew neck sweatshirt and the floral skirt is great. You have a look all your own. xo

  2. So this young woman that took tennis lessons from me said "Why haven't you liked my blog yet?" I said I was trying to keep some space and you know not be creepy. So I clicked the like button and now I am like the oldest "like" she has, or at least I might be the oldest guy to click the like button of her blog! But she writes nice and has good pics and she makes the pics she is in look good. There Jeni, I like your blog!