Sunday, January 29, 2012

Family is ALWAYS in Fashion.

I was blessed with a never ending supply of family.  My siblings, there are five of us in total, are my best friends.  Each one of them is kind, thoughtful, hilarious, creative and might I say, beautiful?!  Cory, my 24 year old brother lives just outside of NYC, we do not get to see him as often as one would like.  Tonight he came for a visit and despite the 900 things I should have done, I drove down to my mothers to spend 2 hours with my mother and siblings- my oldest brother recently moved to Miami, so sadly he was not there... I did however borrow a shirt out of his closet.  I just moved in to his Albany house while he and his lovely lady enjoy the beaches and sun... so I guess we'll call it fair.
Brendon- 22 being "supported from behind" by Cory- 24.
Shirt- Express for Men
Belt- Black shoe lace
jewelry- too blurry to detail 
leggings- Forever 21
Shoes- Target
V giving me his opinion before I left to see my family, he said "great shoes, Mom"
I do love my big sister more every day.
I love how these shoes take this extremely relaxed and perhaps lazy-Sunday getup and make it an outfit... plus they are super comphy!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I know mine went way to quickly!  
xo Jeni Leigh


  1. family is awesome :) my brothers are the most brilliant people i know, and they're younger than me... it's weird that i haven't seen anyone in my family since new years, since i spent so much time with them over the holidays.

    oh, and i love your outfit. casual and classy at the same time :)