Thursday, January 19, 2012

FIT to be OUT-Camera Obscura

Blouse, belt, pants- Thrifted
Necklace and bracelet- borrowed
Shoes- Payless

Can it really be so?!  That today I am 27?!  

This video was accidental, my roommate Laura took my photos today and afterward we discovered that the camera had been on the wrong setting- I love it!  Sometimes accidents have such wonderful outcomes.

Stay warm!  27 wishes to you all.

xo Jeni Leigh


  1. That video is adorable! You look beautiful, what a perfect top to wear on your birthday, bright and airy! xox

  2. I'm so grateful that you flew into my life, little Darling! I know - I know - you're a grown woman - but you'll always be my little big-eyed, dimple-cheeked talkative little girl! I love you with all my heart! xoxoxoxo