Friday, January 27, 2012

Foggy NY Skyline

Since Ash and I have been seeing each other, I have yet to go to Brooklyn and not have it rain... what gives?!  Yesterday was no exception.  Ash had meetings with clients throughout the day I tagged along for the commute in the morning but during his last meeting I stayed behind at the apartment and actually got work done.  It's the rain I tell you, my mind works magic when it rains.  GIRLNETIC is currently working on the launch of our 30 DAY FITNESS CHALLENGE, which will launch March 1st... here is a quick blurb-  ** Research shows that it takes 30 days of consecutive behavior to form a habit.  We know it’s easy to gravitate towards unhealthy habits, but this year is about a fitter, healthier you.  So join GIRLNETIC in our quest of making exercise and healthy lifestyle choices the new “go-to accessory”.   It’s FREE to join the challenge, so there is NOTHING standing in the way between you and your fitter, healthier self! **

Ash has an amazing view from his living room.  The fog just made it more romantic, in my opinion.
Saying "goodbye" over dinner.  My roommate told me last night that the roads were starting to get bad due to weather.  When I got in my car to make the 3 hour drive, Ash decided to come with me to make sure I got home safe.  When we finally got home at 1:30am, he slept 4 hours and then got on a train to go home.  I must say, I got lucky with this one.

Stay safe on these crazy roads.
xo Jeni Leigh

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