Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FIT to be OUT- Red Jeans, Big Dreams

I moved this past weekend, and I feel as though I have a whole new start on everything.  I feel happy and healthy and determined.  I knew January was going to be hectic, so I told myself that the Monday after I moved would be my "New Years".  Sunday I went to the market with healthy recipes in tow and bought an absurd amount of groceries.  The last two days have been filled with amazing meals and yoga!  To top it off, the weather today is so blissful!  Can you believe that it is February and I am wearing open-toed shoes and no coat!  This morning a friend of mine called me a "nature freak"... he thought it was gross out and I thought it was perfect- Washington Park has become my absolute favorite part of Albany.  Every time I set foot in this park I feel as though I am back in London- it's so refreshing and romantic!  To celebrate the weather and to catchup after not having seen each other in weeks, Nellie and I walked and talked.  I couldn't be more happy!  I knew right away this morning that I would be wearing these red jeans!  They just fit my mood so well!  

Sunglasses- Some Girls Boutique
Bow tie and jeans- H&M (both from 5 years ago)
Shirt- Victoria's Secret
Sweater- Express for Men
Peace sign bracelets- GAS (my absolute favorite French jewelry maker)
Shoes- Payless

In the Park, a handsome older man told me that he loved my outfit.  While he was approaching I was thinking how stylish he was...  he was wearing peach-colored pants!  Now, get out and enjoy this perfect spring day!  and wear something out loud!
xo Jeni Leigh


  1. You are such a fun lady :), I love your style, the red pants are awesome. And the heart photo is so so sweet.

    You have a really cool blog here. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.

  2. What a fun blog! I love the backdrop of the park - the red jeans and the blue toenails - and the photo of you on the bench - all just so beautiful!!!!

    The writing exudes happiness!!!! YAY!!