Monday, January 2, 2012

Some Kind of Wonderful

 Oh the luck I feel to have found him.

If yesterday and today are any indication of how 2012 will be, I need not worry- for it will be great.  After a relaxing and leisurely start to the day, Ash and I headed to my home town, where we ate a delightful breakfast and drank coffee with sugar and cream.  I then of course brought him to one of my favorite spots- the factory at Stuyvesant Falls.

I just know when I'm in your embrace 
This world is a happy place 
And something happens to me 
There's some kind of wonderful 

The past two weeks I have had little time to think or write.  It is officially the 2nd of January 2O12, just 13 days from my half marathon and 17 days from my birthday.  Two things I can not believe.  I have not yet even considered what my resolution will be.  Last year's was to start running again- which I will gladly pat myself on the back and say I have accomplished that feat!  What has everyone else chosen?  

Stay safe and happy as we begin another year.
xo Jeni Leigh

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  1. You are just oozing happiness and contentment! You're finding the things that make like beautiful! You're on the right road! I love you so much!!!! xoxoxoxo