Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday night Ash was due in on the 11:20 train, as life would have it, he got in at 2:15am!  So, needless to say, my plan of getting up at 7:00, going to the farmer's market, running errands and getting in a long run before going to work at 4, were NOT fulfilled.  We slept until 11:30, I honestly don't know if I have EVER slept that late, walked V and went to breakfast with my good friend A. FLora at 1pm!  I made myself and Ash a set of mugs- his means Boyfriend(as seen above) and mine says La Copine, meaning Girlfriend.  Before I went to work we did run to a Salvation Army where I found some great items for my trip to AZ!  I can't believe I leave in 2 days!  Last night we brought over a load of clothing and kitchen supplies to my new apartment.  While V and Ash snuggled on the couch and watched Ax-men, I made a batch of NObake chocolate cookies for Ash take back to Brooklyn.  I wont see him again until the 20th.  Oh le sigh.

Ash posted this pic on Instagram and someone commented immediately "NO".  It was not purchased... it was way too big, but I thought it was COOL!
Ash got me an old-school sticky-hand from a gumball machine!  I proceeded to smack him with it for like 20 minutes!
 On our drive home I saw this Deli sign and pulled over to take a pic I loved it so much! 
This is Jenna, who I am going to AZ with, she brought Ash in to see me at work and then brought him to a reggae bar.  So cute!

Vander LOVES Ash!

Justin's for lunch after the move.
Step 1.
Step 2.
Step 3, we wait.
Oh my little gentlemen.

How was everyone's weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  Now that we are a week in to the new year, how are resolutions going?  

xo Jeni Leigh

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  1. Punkin! Seeing your photo of the sticky hand made me remember how the boys used to drive me out of my mind with those sticky hands getting stuck to every wall and ceiling in every place we lived!!! But, my favorite and the one that had me cracking up was when Brendon would dangle the sticky hand out of the car window while I was driving and it would smack and stick on to the back windshield or just flap in the wind behind us as we were driving!! It's truly one of the most hysterical things I've ever seen!!! Oh -- memories!!!!!