Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Southwestern Experience

Yesterday, while standing at our boarding gate, Jenna and I watched the sunrise over Detroit... finally after months of training and planning, we landed in Phoenix, greeted by stunning sites and perfect weather.  I did all I could to keep my composure as I took in my first views of down-town Tempe, the sky was colors I never thought existed outside of Photoshop, the architecture was so "south-western" and clean, the streets are so beautifully manicured and dappled with cactus', palm trees and advertisements for the Rock 'N Roll Marathon which hang from every lamppost.  My pride for my involvement in the race is overflowing.  In less than 6 hours I absolutely fell in love with this state.  Today Jenna and I will go for a morning run and then go thrifting- I was in heaven yesterday as we passed countless department store-sized thrift stores.  I can't wait to find jean jackets with Aztec inspired designs!  Wish me luck!  
First view of AZ from the plane window.
Jenna driving our rental car, which we got a free upgrade on!  Thanks Brenden.
I made Jenna pull over, I squealed!
After hours of traveling, and heavy lids, we indulged ourselves with a few cups of coffee.

We were texting and photographing machines yesterday.
Travel uniform.  Countless women commented on my flannel... I was like, oh yeah, I'm from the East Coast.

Unlike any sunset I have ever seen- These photos have NOT been tampered with in anyway.

Now we are off to explore the wonders of Tempe.  I have not had time in the last month to dress in anything other than workout or barista attire, I can not wait to get dressed today!  

I hear Upstate got snow!  How does everyone plan on celebrating?!  Keep warm, wear mittens!

xo Jeni Leigh

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