Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FIT to be OUT- She Was an American Girl

tank- express
button up- Miley Cyrus 
jeans- vintage thrifted wranglers
socks- target
earrings- H&M
ring and belt- forever21 
shoes- Groove

Today was one of those horrendous days, where I felt like nothing nothing fit and I actually complained to my dog that I have NOTHING to wear- as he laid quite comfortably upon a heaping pile of said "nothing".  I had all but given up when I threw this on and laughed loudly.  It was not contrived, I was not trying to match or look good, I was simply trying to put clothing on my body to take him for a walk.  It turned out perfectly!  The last few days have been hectic, I have worked non-stop and have been beyond exhausted.  It has all been financially beneficial but allowed little time to think or do.  Tomorrow however, V and I will head to Brooklyn to see Ash and have V and Fanny meet to see if they could get along- Fanny is Ash's roommate's Pit.  I am so excited to see him.  I have been "sortof" cranky the last week from missing him so terribly.  

I noticed on a calendar today that we "SPRING AHEAD" in two short weeks!  That means we will have day light until 7PM!  eeek!  What will everyone do with that extra hour of light?  I will start running outside again after work. Bring on the Spring!  
xo Jeni Leigh

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  1. Such a beautiful girl! I hope your class went well, Professeur.