Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Me and V in Brooklyn

Bushwick, Brooklyn 7am
Having a dog like V makes it difficult to travel.  Asking others to take on the responsibility is rough, where's the selling point?  Would you like to take care of V for a few days?  He's got lots of great qualities... for starters... he is very needy, extremely strong, is somewhat of a momma's boy, has severe separation anxiety which often leads him to be "slightly naughty"...  oh but he has the eyebrow and floppy ears!!  You see having a dog like V, my darling love, makes it darn near impossible for me to travel.  Well, finally this past week, V and I hit the road together!  I missed Ash so much and yet I couldn't bare the thought of leaving V behind yet again, so we got in the car and headed to Brooklyn!  The drive down was blissful with stunning views.  The next morning was the most perfect warm spring day, the skies were a radiant blue with wistful clouds.  The three of us stayed outside almost all day(minus their adorable mid-morning nap), eating in the park and watching everyone bask in the glory of such a fine day.  

I leave for Miami tomorrow morning and am already emotionally preparing myself for the fact that I have to leave both my men behind for a solid week.  Sure Miami has its trade-offs, but I will still miss them.

Can you believe that Spring is almost officially here?!  I slipped in Mud at the park yesterday and although it was gross, it made me so entirely happy!  What will you do in Spring that you aren't doing now?  

xo, Jeni Leigh

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