Sunday, March 4, 2012

FIT to be OUT- This is My Idea of Fun

dress and belt- Forever 21
heels- Target
earrings- borrowed

My two younger brothers- Foreground- Brendon, Background- Cory

Standing on the balcony our first night in Miami, my body was filled with wonder and romance.  A warm and gentle breeze swept across the landing with clear views of the bay caressed by a glorified sunset.  There are moments like these, little bits of time, that take me outside of myself and overwhelm me with emotion- wonder, love, sadness and glory- every extreme one can feel is offered up.  The hight and depth are equally matched and I am left feeling so naive and new.  This was one such time.
 I hope you get the feel for what I am talking about.  

feel all there is to feel, no hesitation, no fear.  just feel.
xo Jeni Leigh 

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