Monday, March 26, 2012

My Swagger Has a First name...

Two weeks ago it dawned on me that I needed a new outlet.  I have long used running to deal with stress, but what about my emotional side- all those unspoken words and feelings?  It's time to put them out there.  For this, I have decided to learn to play the keyboard!!  My good friend "blueberry" is teaching me.  Yesterday was lesson number three.  I am already very much in love with this new instrument and think about it daily.  At one point we taped two of my fingers together because the song I was learning only required the use of three fingers and the other two kept getting in the way... last night I played the song with all five fingers free and made it through!!  B is a great teacher and I laugh relentlessly in his company, he keeps saying, "No, play it with swagger".  Last night... I had major swag!
I will post video soon, once everything is perfected.

Learn something new!  It is such a blast!
Thank you B.
xo Jeni 

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  1. How absolutely fun and fulfilling!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the curly hair! Tres sessy!!! xoxoxoxo