Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FIT to be OUT- Mad for Plaid


tshirt- Amerian Apparel 
skirt- gift
tights- jc penny
shoes- payless
earrings- forever 21
heart ring- H&M
sunglasses- some girls boutique

My good friend Jonaliza gave me this skirt recently- I absolutely love it!  I feared that I would have to wait until fall to be able to wear it again, it has been so hot!  But the last few days the temps have dropped again and I jumped at the opportunity to wear it.

I will be spending the entire weekend in the city and I am so anxious to get there.  I have plans to see friends, to go running, to see little Anna and smother my boyfriend in kisses!  It has been 3 full weeks since we have seen each other.  It has never been that long!  I can't wait.

Hope everyone is having a great week.
xo Jeni Leigh


  1. You are BEAUTIFUL!!! Be happy!!

  2. You have such fresh and fearless style! The last shot is so cute. Love it all!

  3. Looks so much better on you!! XOXO

  4. Love your style, you're such a stunner!