Monday, April 9, 2012

FIT to be OUT- Hey Monday

Tank- Forever 21
Pants- Hand me down from my mother's wardrobe... early 90's style
boots-Ariat Paddock Boots
earrings- Some Girls Boutique
Green Bracelt- gift for my 23rd bday
Beaded bracelet- handmade by my mother in 1999

Today was entirely quiet at work, I meandered about daydreaming of all the things I wished I could have been doing... and just like that,  I was let out at noon.  I instantly called Nellie and we met up for hot chocolate and some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!  We refer to this wall as "our" wall.  We are both moving soon... and have decided to find a legal way to "tag" this wall.  I wonder what we will get in to.  How awesome are these pants?  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  They were my mother's back when I was just a little thing and boy am I glad she kept them for so long!

I know it's only April, but what does everyone plan on doing for the summer??  
I'm working on my plans as we speak!  EEEK, so excited!
xo Jeni Leigh 

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