Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fit to be Out- Au Revoir

dress- vintage trift
belt- H&M
shoes- Dolce Vita
clutch- Jeffry Campbell
bracelet- borrowed

So much has changed in the last month.  I have alluded to some things and certainly avoided acknowledging others.  For starters, my boyfriend and I broke up, just over a month ago.  As a result I had the opportunity to re-evaluate where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do.  Not an I as part of a "we", but just I as a "me".  Although it was sad and I have my moments that I try with all my might to think of a solution to change the outcome of our relationship,  I am happy to be able to head in my own direction.  I have since decided to move to Hudson- a wonderfully creative and artistic town.  It is close to my family, part city - part country, and all parts new and exciting!  I feel for the first time in years as if this decision was the perfect choice.  I can not wait to call this new town "my town".  I know that the weeks and months to come will provide me with much needed inspiration and admiration.  

As excited as I am to officially become a Hudson resident- I will be moving my bed after work tomorrow,  I will miss my frequent "ladies luncheons" and trouncing around the park with Nellie.  Today, as a sort of Au Revoir and send off, we did just that!  We both put on our most lovely lady-like garments and swirled and twirled together.  

Here's to a fresh start!  What a romance this will be! 
xo Jeni Leigh  


  1. Wow! It's such a lovely polkdadot dress! Beautiful pictures!

  2. Congratulations on the move and good luck!

    You both look lovely in these photos - and like your having so much fun! Both dresses are gorgeous.