Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fit to be Out- I Likey My Nike

t-shirt American Apparel via Some Girls Boutique
pants- forever 21
socks- target
shoes- NIKE SB Dunk High-Pro 
brown and gold bracelets- Street vendor, Miami 
beaded bracelet- handmade by a friend in high school

Last night I purchased myself a stunning pair of Nike SB Dunk High-Pro kicks!!  I could NOT wait to wear them today!  I am sooo in love with them!  I have been a bit of a "spend-thrift" lately, I fully admit... but I just love shoes and nail polish, and I can't seem to stop myself!!  It rained yet again today, so Nellie and I took to the comforts of the SUNY Albany Library.  I found myself within the Global Politics section and discovered a book about French Political views.  It was très intéressant.  Tonight I will surprise my students with a take-home final exam and some cookies.  Life has enough stress, let's have some fun while we can.

I am currently lusting after another pair of Dolce Vita wooden-heeled platforms... I need them like I need the air I breathe...  They will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine.   What shoes are everyone else currently craving?!  Let's share our need, then we have others to share in the excitement when we bite the bullet and do some purchasing!  

Stay dry on this Rainy Tuesday
xo Jeni Leigh  


  1. Retro high waisted pants with retro high top Dunks ='s FIRE!

  2. Weren't you supposed to be simplifying your life; getting rid of everything you can't fit into a one room apartment?

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  3. this look is so simple but amazing! very seventies chic. the seventh picture looks like it could have been taken in a library in 1973.