Friday, May 18, 2012

FIT to be OUT- Wee*k in the Knees

body suit- dance supply store
skirt- H&M
shoes- Dolce Vita
clutch- Jeffry Campbell
sunglasses- Some Girls Boutique 

Today marks my "one week anniversary" in Hudson!  Nellie met me for lunch to celebrate- we had an absolutely beautiful meal while sitting on the terrace and watching the other passers-by.  My-oh-my, there are lots of cute "boys" here!  After sipping fresh-brewed iced teas, we spent hours just walking up and down Warren st.  She brought me inside the Hudson Opera House, where we snuck on to the stage.  Nellie sang her favorite song which brought me to genuine tears.  My darling girl graduates from college tomorrow- she has been studying opera and fine arts and is so amazingly talented.  I am so proud to call her my best friend.   I could not let Nellie leave without showing her my two favorite spots.  The old blue wall, in the first photo catches my breathe each time I pass.  Then, there's the alley-way behind my apartment, it has so many stunning walls, the "Rodgerson's" red brick wall is my favorite so far.  

To unwind, I am out at my favorite restaurant, eating what I deem to be hands down the best Caesar salad EVER.  It has been such a whorl-wind of changes this last month and yet, I have found every bit of it to be so perfectly lovely and rewarding.  

Thank you Hudson, you make me Weak in the Knees.
xo Jeni Leigh    


  1. I LOVE these photos! They are gorgeous in so many ways! You look so french and beautiful!!!