Sunday, June 10, 2012

du ciel

It's offical!  I'm launching my first line of jewelry!!  Everything is happening so fast.  I have been given such amazing opportunities in the last month.  Two boutiques, one here in Hudson and one in Englewood, NJ will be carrying my earrings starting next week.  Once all paperwork is finished I will be able tell you where!!  After much debate I have chosen the name of du ciel (do c L)- french for, "of the sky".  I will also be setting up an Etsy account within the week, I have so much to do!  I can't wait to share it all with you!  Here are a few quick photos my lovely little Bri took today at my favorite factory.  There will be more to follow soon... as my little fingers have been working endlessly.

The Evening Breeze 
The Knight's Kiss 
 The Bhakti
The Coronado 
The Dark Night

The end of one thing was the start of a beautiful thing.
xo xo Jeni Leigh

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