Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ten Things

(sporting my "creativity frames" everything I see through these glasses, is just pure magic)

Rather than be long winded I thought I would do a list of ten things I did this week- and then a list of ten things I hope to do next week!  I want all of my friends to do the same!  

This week:

1. Opened up to my mom about my heart's condition 
2. Went to Montgomory Place in Redhook.  SO beautiful!  
3. Cleaned my house- like really cleaned it!
4. Got a hair cut- and then decided to trim the bangs a bit more... now the bangs are too short... silly me
5. Hosted a fantastic get-together and made VERY yummy bumbleberry tartes- for the first time
6. Learned to let go- sometimes people say hurtful things, but holding on to those things is worthless
7. Sewed my first jacket and am so pleased with the results
8. Spent time with my dad
9. Listened to "Would it Kill You", the newest Hellogoodbye record.  ON REPEAT!
10. Treated myself to an evening on the couch with Romantic Comedies and home made ice cream 

Next Week:
I'd like to-

1. Play the keyboard every day
2. Go running
3. YOGA- stretch, breathe, center, love myself,  let go
4. make another pair of earrings
5. Go swimming
6. See fireworks
7. Sew my first dress
8. Bake more tartes
9. Paint my nails

Share with me your Ten Things, Please.
xo Jeni Leigh


  1. This week I:
    1)Had a delicious beer with a delicious friend in a cozy bar in Bklyn
    2)Was read The Great Gatsby 2 nights before bed
    3)Got something I had been waiting for
    4)Got a new swatch, which I hadn't been waiting for
    5)Caught up with a dear friend who is valiantly showing what it means to have a strong spirit and a big heart in the face of the end of an 8 year relationship
    6)Downloaded 2 new apps
    7)Had a great day traveling for work
    8)Learned that all the sweet cherries have already been picked at EVERY orchard around
    9)Discovered just what my Man and I can weather
    10)Visited Jeni's Blog and commented

    I hope next week to:
    1)Visit Jeni's Blog and comment again
    2)Celebrate my 6 month anniversary
    3)Finally give my cello some attention
    4)Bake something tasty
    5)Get a little sunshine and say "WELCOME BACK, FRECKLES!"
    6)Have more bubble baths watching Downton Abbey
    7)Catch up on all my past due notes at work
    8)Show the people in my life how much they mean to me
    9)Write a big check to my therapist
    10)Take some photos of Stephen even though he hates it

  2. I suppose I shall be the first person to respond to this...ya know, to get the ball rollin'!

    This week:

    1. Rocked some fab mustache nail decals. They're one of my new fave things.
    2. Trimmed my hair. Holy dead ends.
    3. Worked on my new website.
    4. Edited pics.
    5. Made delicious homemade Tortilla Chicken Soup!
    6. Forced myself to work out. Im determined to get in some sort of shape. Preferably a good one.
    7. Listened to Justin Biebers new album Believe on repeat. In. Love.
    8. Watched SYTYCD and wished I could dance like them. Or at the very least, have the strength, and flexibility they do! Trying.
    9. Planted some veggies my dad started. I cant wait for my own tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, cucumbers...ahhh YUM!
    10. Realized how insecure I can be with myself. Learning how to get more self confidence is hard.

    Next week (Id like to do):

    1. Go camping
    2. Continue eating healthy & working out
    3. Go thrifting
    4. Find something fun to do for the 4th
    5. Make Angel food cake!
    6. Create something.
    7. Take & edit more pics.
    8. Expand the website.
    9. Find a dress for next months wedding (not mine haha one I'll be attending)
    10. Believe in myself more.

  3. This week I:
    1)Bought 2 Fiona Apple albums I had been missing - LOVE them!
    2)Put my feelings aside and did something for someone else.
    3)Called my Grandma
    4)Started reading a new book
    5)Watched SYTYCD - I am in love with that show! In another life I would have been a dancer.
    6)Saw my nephews
    7)Worked out
    8)Applied for fall classes. I'm officially a student again!
    9)Taught someone something new at work
    10)Talked to an old friend

    Next week I'd like to:

    1)Work out more
    2)Start eating healthier
    3)Order more pictures and work on my photo album projects
    4)Relax on my day off
    5)Go to the pool!
    6)Try to feel better about myself
    7)Get some serious sleep, I've been missing it lately!
    8)Figure out a way to afford a laptop for school
    9)Catch up on The Killing Season 2
    10)Try to enjoy every day to the fullest, instead of thinking how little time Matt and I have left together

  4. This week I:
    1) Had a Family Day on my day off
    2) Made a lot of progress in paperwork
    3) Finally made the time to make a dessert at the Diner
    4) Changed the Water Filters
    5) Handled the Power Outage at the Diner
    6) Watched the ballgame with my Father-In-Law
    7) Watched a movie with my wife.
    8) Had a long conversation with my mother.
    9) Randomly met long lost relatives.
    10)Made Caramel Corn

    Next week I would like to:
    1) Finish my Paperwork
    2) Give my Car some TLC
    3) Work out my Dog
    4) Have another Family Day
    5) Watch another movie with my wife.
    6) Take my Kids to the Dairy
    7) Make another Dessert for the Diner
    8) Cut my grass.
    9) Sleep better.
    10)Win the lotto.

  5. Last week I:
    1. Continued growing my bad ass mustache. (and by "bad ass" I mean "WEAK ASS")
    2. Climbed a mountain!
    3. Jumped off a cliff at a swimming hole.
    4. Painted my face for a metal show!
    5. Randomly ran into an old friend in Boston that I haven't seen in nearly 20 years!
    6. Drank a beer with REAL blueberries in it.
    7. Watched a friend attempt to eat a 3 pound burger with 2 pounds of fries.
    8. Played the game of "Sorry" for the first time in my life.
    9. Spent TOO MUCH money
    10. Had the most MEGA AWESOME dinner party with old friends, new friends, and favorite friends!

    This week I will:
    1. Pay off two late late parking tickets, one speeding ticket, and one no-seatbelt ticket.
    2. Hang with my Fam.
    3. Hopefully hang out with a certain Chickie and take pics at a sweet abandoned brick building!
    4. Keep growing my bad ass mustache and write a new entry into my Mustache Diaries.
    5. Write about 10 things I did last week and 10 things I will do this week. (check that one off the list)
    6. Do some research on a dude named Ted Williams, seems like an interesting person!
    7. Call my brother who I haven't spoken to in about 3 months,,,,,. This one's not gonna be easy,,,,,.
    8. Do cool stuff on the 4th,,,, I don't know what that cool stuff is yet but it's gonna be cool!
    9. Dream about how awesome the new Mad Max movie will be.
    10. Smile and love life!!!!!

  6. this week I:
    1. made raspberry goat cheese brownies and lemon bars for a potluck at work
    2. read my (yours, and others i love) horoscopes
    3. purchased new, stronger deodorant....LOL
    4. laughed a lot
    5. cried, too.
    6. had writing ideas
    7. went to the farmers market

    next week I will:
    1. exercise
    2. cook
    3. laugh
    4. write those ideas, hopefully more.
    5. write letters to my far away loves
    6. get a going away present for my oldest friend
    7. get my hair cut
    8. skype with you