Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rock Out

Today my old roommate Laura came to visit.  We started our girls day with donuts and fabric hunting.  Why do I always think I can make it in and out of the fabric store in less than an hour??  I know it is purely impossible!  Ultimately I narrowed it down to three fantastic choices and I can NOT wait to get started on my projects tomorrow.  This afternoon we escaped the scorching temps by taking a quick dip in a friend's pool.  The pool just so happens to have the most spectacular view of the Hudson, ever!  The time spent with her, in itself was fantastic- but our soundtrack, made it even better!   A 90's pop hits CD- oh hello boy-bands!!

If you don't know the song "I Do" by Toya, I suggest you look it up.  Boy, the 90's were great.
rock out
xo Jeni Leigh

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