Saturday, August 11, 2012

En Hiver

Washington Park, Albany, NY

It has been my goal over the last two weeks to dwindle down the absurd amount of photos on my phone.  In doing so I found a few photos from the winter that made me very excited!  I don't want to say I dislike summer, but I am sort of ready to see it go.  I want to wear layers and hats and boots.  I love wool socks, hot tea and merriment.  Sadly this past winter was painfully mild, there was no point at which this town saw more than an inch of snow on the ground.  Compared to two winters ago, when my tiny little town went missing under several feet- for months.  I hope this winter can give us a bit more sparkle!!

I am so very much looking forward to the change in season!
xo Jeni Leigh

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