Saturday, August 25, 2012

Meet the Minkits

Vander- my little pitty-precious pumpkin, MONSTER!
Roscoe- E's shelter mix of perfection and little adventurer! 
Everett- my dream-boat boyfriend and farmer!

LOCATION: Everett's Farm

Vander is such a major part of my life.  I was nervous back in July to introduce him to E.  For fear that they might not like eachother... well, V LOVES E and his dog!  V and I have spent days on end at E's farm the last few weeks and I can see major, wonderful changes in him!  He is now my little farm dog!   V and R have become best friends, adventure partners and a little trouble-making duo.  I love taking them for walks out to the Veggie field and seeing them play and roll around together, investigating and pouncing around. E and I refer to the dogs and each other as "minkits, minkit-stink-its, and minka-mooz"- I don't know why, but it fits us all so well.  Maybe because we are all a bit shaggy, typically muddy and really wacky...  I am loving every minute of this.

If you are in the Upstate-NY area, come visit.  E loves having visitors.
(yes I just volunteered him for that- remember you like me, E) 

bon weekend
xo Jeni Leigh

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