Thursday, August 30, 2012

Singing a little "Crazy"

Dress- The very first I ever made.  du ciel designs
Location- Everett's Farm
Photo Credit- Everett

I can't believe summer is fading.  The lighted hours are shortening and the air is becoming crisp.  I am very much looking forward to tights and sweaters and the need of mittens and hot tea.  Until the change over, however, I do intend to take in every last moment of warmth and romance.  Tuesday evening, E and I sat in the grass while the minkits played in the pond and sang a variety of Patsy Cline songs.  E has a wonderful voice, while I on the other hand, have perfected singing off key and quite terribly.  Before summer makes its official departure here are a few things I'd like to do.

Last Bit of Summer Love-
1. Go Camping
2. Fly a kite
3. Go to the drive-in
4. Make popsicles 
5. Go swimming at the waterfall that E is constantly talking about
6. Make peach iced tea
7. Go to the beach in Marblehead 
8. Go running at sunset
9. Go to a water park
10. have a GIRLS adventure day

Now share your 10 things!!

xo Jeni Leigh


  1. lovey image! I feel like I'm scrambling to squeeze in last minute summery things too.

  2. 1. stay at the lake cottage (this weekend!)
    2. have a picnic
    3. swim
    4. buy fresh flowers
    5. bbq
    6. go camping (next weekend!)
    7. have a creemee from the creemee stand
    8. dine al fresco
    9. go for another bike ride
    10. go for a hike

    there are so many things i wanted to do this summer that i didn't end up doing, so we're definitely squeezing some in at the last minute... but i'm very excited/ready for fall at the same time :)

  3. it is the start of spring here... so my list is a little different. it is a list of things I am cannot wait for to do because I had two winters in a row. And some random things. :)

    1. go swim in the ocean
    2. wear a tshirt and shorts
    3. have a picnic
    4. sleep in our van on a roadtrip
    5. do the crossover cruise from the north island to the south island
    6. go to the movies (haven't done that in ages)
    7. ride more horses
    8. sit outside and wait for the sunset
    9. homemade ice tea
    10. go fishing

    miss you!
    xo Conny

  4. Hey you Minkit!

    Here's my 10:

    1) go sailing
    2) go fly fishing
    3) run a 10k
    4) take a nap in a hammock
    5) go to a drive in
    6) go camping
    7) cook a really serious dinner for two and eat it outside
    8) buy an alpaca
    9) take a long bike ride
    10) spend an afternoon rolling around in the grass

    And of course all of these would be better with J